Examination Guidelines For Students

The guidelines below are to outline the expectations of all students during the Exams. Ignorance of any rule or procedure will not be accepted as an excuse for violation

  • Check your exam timetable thoroughly, ensuring that all your exams are listed.
  • Make a note of each exam and its time.
  • Ensure you are fully equipped for each exam (two pens, pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener, calculator and a geometry set if applicable). No borrowing of equipment will be allowed during the examination.
  • Students must arrive on time for their examination in the correct uniform. (Caps must be removed in the examination room). It is advisable for students to come at least five minutes before their exam.
  • Once a student has left the examination he will not be allowed to re-enter the examination room unless he has been under supervision for the duration of his absence from the examination room.
  • No excuse for lateness or being absent for an exam is acceptable due to a misinterpretation or misreading of the examination timetable.
  • Student ID cards MUST be brought to ALL examinations for the purpose of student identification and entry to the examination.
  • Student ID cards must be placed and be visible on the desk throughout the examination.
  • All electronic devices including smart watches must be left out of the examination room. These items must be placed in student lockers at the start of the examination.
  • In the event of a student being identified with an electronic device during an exam, whether he is using it or not, the matter will be reported and the campus misconduct procedure will be followed.
  • No food or drinks, except a bottle of water, is allowed into the examination hall.
  • No student should attempt to communicate with other students once they have entered the examination hall.
  • No student should leave their seat at any time during the examination. If they require assistance they must call for the invigilator by raising their hand and waiting quietly.
  • Students should inform the invigilator if they are aware that another student is cheating from them.
  • Students who fail to attend the examination and are unable to provide a valid reason will be given zero. If there is a valid reason a re-sit will be arranged.
  • Listen carefully to the invigilator’s instructions at the start of the exam.
  • Carefully read the instructions at the front of the examination paper.
  • Present your answers as neatly as possible so the marker can follow through your answers with ease and reward you accordingly.
  • You are responsible to make sure that your exam paper is complete and no papers are missing.

Do not forget to write your name on your examination paper and make sure you sign the attendance sheet upon leaving the examination room.