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Year 10

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Year 10-01 -

Saleh Mohammed Saleh Ali 

Abdulla Yousef Alali 

Hamad Adel Alshhehi 

Omar Abdulaziz Alhammadi 

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Class: 11-1 (ES)

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-Majed Moosa Ibrahim                

Year 12 - 

Essa ali alkhatri

Abdulruhman tariq

Saif tayyeb jaber al shamsi

Sultan ali sultan yousef Ahmed alnuaimi

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Water Crisis in Cape Town- Beyond the Classroom
Unit: Thirsty World
Post session task: Writing- Describing a line graph

Grade 8 students connected with an educator in Cape Town to learn more about the water crisis in the city. This was in connection with their current unit of study; Thirsty World.

A group discussion on shortage of water was followed by a web-search on what lead to the current crisis in Cape Town. This was supported by more information from an educator who discussed the current situation on ground. 

The new word/idea that students got to know about was -grey water. They are currently working on a line graph on the water levels in a major reservoir in Cape Town.

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