“It’s a widely know fact that the UAE is one of the water scarce countries which also lacks soil. The Sustainable Aquaponics Systems aims to reduce water usage by simulating a controlled water cycle in which water comes from a fish tank. Passes through while supplying them with nutrient and finally returning to the tank.”

Teachers - Ayman Idris Hersi Odawa, Rahul Koroth



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Today RAK Campus have conducted the Graduation Project Open Day ,5 member CDU team from Abudhabi have visited our campus and evaluated the 31 project from all the clusters and selected best projects from each cluster.

Sustainable Aquaponics System

Boat Balancing System

Fogponic System

Smart Fire Handling System (S.F.H.S)

Poisonous Gas Ventilation System

School Bus Monitoring System

Wall Climbing & Repairing Robot

Eco-Friendly Living System

Disabled Parking Permit Qr Scanner

Bus Sensor

Fire Accidents Prevention Robot

The Secure Door

Heat Romover System

Medicine Dispensing System

Automatic Vehicle Wheel Chair

Diabetic Medicine Regulator

Students Attendance Recording System

Smart Bus

Land Mine Detecting Shoes

Mobile Based Real-Time Intelligent Parking Reservation System With Scanner

Fully Automated Seed Sowing Robot With Remote Access

Water Temperature Management System In Washroom

Portable Personal-Cooling System

Low Budget Portable CNC Plotter

Solar Powered Aircraft- UAE-1

Cargo Aeroplan UAE-1

Fighter Aircraft UAE-1

The Catalogue


Hybrid Gaming Station




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