The year 2005 witnessed the establishment of the Institute of Applied Technology, which was an exceptional breakthrough not only as an applied technical school, but also as a pioneer in the field of academic and technical education in the United Arab Emirates that builds a generation of technicians, engineers and scientists needed by the United Arab Emirates to righteously pursue the sayings of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan that "humans are the foundation of any civilization ... attention must be given to humans who are the core focus of true and continuous development no matter how many buildings, facilities, schools and hospitals are built".

In 2010, the group of Secondary Technical Schools partnered with the secondary technical education system in order to foster a unique learning environment essential to prepare students that are capable of joining the labor market in addition to providing them with opportunities for a better higher technical education.

Throughout this short period of time, we have candidly achieved a respectable and highly reputable position in the academic field of applied education emphasizing the blend in the curricula between both the academic and scientific studies and the practical application of skills. Our institutes are under continuous progress and growth; new teaching methodologies are incorporated and adopted such as the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) approach where different scientific and practical disciplines are employed and integrated to improve the educational level, and to equip students with the twenty-first century skills needed for the work field. STEAM education creates an environment where learners are challenged intellectually motivating them to think critically, analyze and research information while nourishing in them the love of exploration. Students are encouraged to work cooperatively in team in a learning environment that integrates the cross-curricular academic subjects.

Our programs in the Applied Technology High Schools and the Secondary Technical Schools are designed to build on students’ competencies, identifying and refining their talents through the vocational training courses and numerous specialized programs offered by schools, including varied enrichment programs and differentiation in teaching students that face academic learning difficulties.

The Student Academic Mentoring (SAM) program significantly contributes to the development of the students’ personal and social skills encouraging them to participate in voluntary work that is of benefit to the community strengthening the national belonging. "The real wealth is the hard sincere work which is beneficial for the humans and society", Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan.

Our institutes have today become a great edifice that has an excellent stand and a good reputation in the UAE society allowing us to compete with many scientific educational institutions that have long been shaping the minds and disciplining the souls. For us, this is just the beginning of a long path in the technical and vocational field, which we are planning to continue to see our dear students achieving prominence in the highest positions of scientific achievement and in the world, proving the true wealth of the UAE.

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