Conference Activities

The IAT TEC 2016 conference aims to provide a wide selection of activities, which are geared towards the conference theme of "Transforming Learning through Creative Classrooms". Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops that will explore various methodologies on creative teaching practices and how to initiate a creative learning environment that will stimulate the imagination and nurture creativity, thus influencing student achievement.

IAT TEC 2016 participants will be attending various sessions under the following categories:

  • Presentations and Workshops
    • Presented by educational specialists and teachers on topics related to creative teaching practices and creative thinking in STEAM education.
    • Each day, participants will have the opportunity to attend:
      • 3 X 50 minute sessions or
      • 1 X 100 minute plus 1 X 50 minute sessions or
      • 1 X 3 hour session
  • Innovative Lesson Showcase
    • Provides an opportunity for creative teachers to showcase exemplary lessons to the audience.


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